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About Courage to Connect NJ

Courage to Connect NJ is the leading non-partisan organization dedicated to helping solve New Jersey’s property tax crisis. The organization has a proven track record of success, working with government leaders and local citizens to find more cost-effective ways to deliver government services, like police, schools, street maintenance and trash removal. CtoCNJ is your resource to make this happen in your community.


Latest News

If you could get a superior level of a critical service for less money, how long would it take you to switch to this service? 1) 1 week 2) 2 years 3) 20 years and counting   I don't want to answer for you, but the answer for governmental departments...

There are many steps in the process of a potential consolidation of Flemington, Raritan Township.

A 1968 Consolidation Report is still relevant today. '...The residents of Flemington and Raritan and their elected officials possess enough insight to put aside their imaginary differences, realize their common interests in the future development of the area and work together to create a truly great community' The same story...

Another town has the courage to ask their residents if they are ready to look into consolidation. We need more towns to have this courage!  

Over the past 5 years, residents have been concerned about their police department and public safety if their town consolidated.Which of these questions have you been asking? Hear the answers from the police officers who have successfully consolidated.

CtoCNJ Board supports the Roxbury/Mt Arlington Consolidation Study Commission with a $5,000 Grant

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