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About Courage to Connect NJ

Courage to Connect NJ is the leading non-partisan organization dedicated to helping solve New Jersey’s property tax crisis. The organization has a proven track record of success, working with government leaders and local citizens to find more cost-effective ways to deliver government services, like police, schools, street maintenance and trash removal. CtoCNJ is your resource to make this happen in your community.


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PRINCETON, N.J. (WSYR-TV) - Whether you know it or not, our community is at a key moment in time that could impact generations to come. The recommendation from the Consensus Commission on modern government made earlier this year would instantly make Syracuse the second largest city in New York State...

  Chad Goerner, the former Princeton Township mayor who was the driving force behind the successful consolidation of the Princetons — after six previous consolidation attempts failed — has published a new book, “A Tale of Two Tigers,” that describes how it was done, and what more needs to be...

The former Princeton Twp Mayor Chad Goerner has recently published a book about the three attempts before there successful municipal consolidation of the Princetons' in 2013. Thank you for memorializing this amazing accomplishment and all the people who worked on consolidation over the years. Chad has now been serving as...

By eliminating fewer than two dozen words from the state budget, Gov. Chris Christie has given himself the power to withhold hundreds of millions of dollars in funding that New Jersey's municipalities use to hold down property taxes, local government experts say.

Citizens representing Roxbury and Mount Arlington need your help to fund their municipal consolidation study commission. Donate for change!  

Many said it couldn’t be done. However, in November 2011, 61 percent of Princeton Borough residents and a whopping 85 percent of Princeton Township residents voted to consolidate into one town known simply as Princeton, effective in 2013.

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