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  • commented 2015-09-22 16:21:32 -0400
    Gina, I was referred to you by an old friend George Stafford regarding the merger of the two Chesters. Having lived in town for seven years I see the duplicity of services. While I know we need the boots on the ground (patrolmen, public workers, inspectors, the redundancy of the management level of government in the two towns. I feel compelled to try and change the status quo. Not so much for me and my generation , but for my children and grand children. I don’t see how this can continue. how many of me (private sector workers ) does it take to support one public sector employee salary,his incidental expenses (car, stationary, fuel), health benefits, and pension. It has to stop. I can not fix Washington, or Trenton, but I feel if I try in my own town to get control of the spending it can make a difference. At least I have to say I tried. I guess what I am looking for is guidance. I want to start a petition to merge the two towns Let me know if you can help. I kind of feel alone out here. Thank god for this web site to at least give me a glimmer of hope…..Kevin
  • commented 2014-05-19 10:58:33 -0400
    One of our Board members attended the seminar on May 2, 2014. Would you please provide me the address of the seminar for mileage reimbursement purposes. Thank you.
  • commented 2014-04-30 19:06:04 -0400
    You mention incentives when you speak of trying to combine town services. How about withholding funds from towns that don’t at least try and combine services ?
  • commented 2014-04-29 12:01:55 -0400
    I can’t make the 5/2 meeting. will minutes be posted. I would volunteer in Sussex county.
  • commented 2014-04-23 16:04:07 -0400
    Who does the check get made to for the 5/2 seminar, and where can I send it?
  • commented 2014-04-22 10:59:02 -0400
    How do I purchase the tickets for May 2, 2014? I already rsvp’d
  • commented 2014-03-26 15:31:42 -0400
    Testing feedback and contact