Our Mission

Courage To Connect NJ is a nonpartisan organization whose purpose is to educate the public about the impact of “Home Rule,” provide venues for public engagement and present a model for connecting communities’ administrative structures including Fire Districts, School Districts and Municipal governments.

"The lines on the geopolitical map of New Jersey were drawn by men with political and/or economic agendas . . . today the costs of maintaining New Jersey’s multiple and redundant jurisdictions mounts into the billions of dollars."

Alan J. Karcher,
Multiple Municipal Madness

What we do:

  • Support citizen and government efforts through the state-mandated consolidation process, providing guidance according to the CtoCNJ Guidebook. 
  • Help develop short- and long-term strategic plans for local consolidation efforts 
  • Provide templates for resolutions and/or petitions required by citizens’ groups and governing bodies. 
  • Interface with state elected and appointed officials on behalf of municipal consolidation groups. 
  • Provide support at any meetings with other towns, state agencies or the public. 
  • Provide assistance to help navigate potential roadblocks and difficulties, based on experience with other communities. 
  • Offer assistance with advertising for Study Commissioners* 
  • Assist with financial resources for studies by identifying possible solutions. 
  • Provide a public relations strategy for any communications with the public or the media. 
  • Provide assistance with website and social media development. 
  • Provide access to experienced experts, state staff, local leaders and citizens from previous consolidation efforts for advice and guidance. 

*Once a Municipal Study Commission has been formed, it becomes an official governing body. 
CtoCNJ will no longer have any involvement unless formally requested by the Commission at a public meeting.


Resources CtoCNJ Provides for Elected Officials and Citizens