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"There is a better, more intelligent, and less expensive way to provide local services, and we have it in our collective power to bring about changes for the better."

Alan J. Karcher,
Multiple Municipal Madness


Courage To Connect NJ thanks the following contributors
for their support of our work across the state.

$25,000 and up
Gina Genovese & Wendy McCahill

Pindaros Foundation

Craig Hutchison & Chris Loedewyks
Jane Rohlf
Roberta Sonenfeld

Vote for Parsippany
Better New Jersey Government Organization
Annelise Catanzaro
Chad Goerner
Nancy Hoffman
Don Parisi
Deborah Parsons
Edward Pizzi
Isabel Sutton
Caroline VanLeer
Sue Zahorbenski

Ralph Braskett
Patty Brock
Robert Castagna
Joseph DeFalco
Diane Gabriel
Joyce Genovese
Daniel Gillen
John Johnson
H.C. Kilgore III
Peter Kortright
Fred Lange
Thomas & Louise Marquet
Helen McCahill
Joseph Mogel
Louise Murray
Lloyd Naideck
Luiz Perez
Phyllis Truran


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