Cherry Hill steps toward merging with Merchantville

Cherry Hill Township Council last night approved a resolution that creates a joint commission with Merchantville to study consolidation of the two towns. A citizens group in Merchantville prompted the Cherry Hill Council to move toward a merger.

Bob Stocker of  “Merchantville Connecting for the Future” submitted a petition to Cherry Hill’s governing body with more than 300 signatures, and the council subsequently moved the resolution. “The story is much larger than these two towns,” said Gina Genovese, executive director of Courage to Connect New Jersey, a non-profit, non-partisan group that encourages mass municipal consolidation. “This has never been done before in New Jersey. “This is the beginning of a movement in New Jersey in which people and local government work together to build a sustainable future,” she added. “With our state teetering on bankruptcy and municipalities desperate to save money, the artificial boundaries separating our communities are beginning to crumble.”

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