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"The pressure for consolidation begins when residents begin to recognize a problem with the current municipal structure, either because of rising taxes, lowering quality of services, or growing environmental problems."

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Consolidation Study Commission Swears In Members

SCOTCH PLAINS/FANWOOD,  NJ – At its first organizational meeting, the Fanwood-Scotch Plains Consolidation Commission dealt with many agenda items, including voting in Matthew Juckes of Fanwood as one of the commissioners, and then swearing in 10 of the commissioners and two of the alternates. One alternate was unable to be present, and there is one alternate position yet to be filled.


The commission was established after a submission was made by the citizens’ group called “Courage to Reconnect” led by Fred Lange of Scotch Plains. The five commissioners from Fanwood include: Daniel McCarey, Ann Saltzman, Jack Molenaar, Anthony DiBattista, Matthew Juckes, and the commissioners from Scotch Plains include: Don Parisi, Fred Lange, Phillip Wiener, John Thompson and Sarah Dreikorn. Fanwood alternates are Pat Hoynes and Joseph Nagy and the alternate for Scotch Plains is Bruce Arthur, with one more alternative yet to be appointed by the Scotch Plains Council.


Don Parisi (Scotch Plains) and Anthony DiBattista (Fanwood) were elected as chair and vice-chair. The commission is considering the possible position of Secretary and the idea that a volunteer from the community would be greatly appreciated. It is also possible that the position might be a paid position.


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