Courage to Connect NJ Comes to Passaic County

Last year, Save Jerseyans, both Princeton Boro and Princeton Township made the historic decision to consolidate.

Earlier this week, the John Girgenti Civic League will be hosted Gina Genovese of “Courage to Connect New Jersey,” an organization founded in 2009 whose main purpose is to educate elected officials and the citizenry alike on the benefits and process of consolidation, as well as the impact of home rule.  It also works with communities to help accomplish a consolidation effort.  The organization submits that a model such as Woodbridge to help advance their effort.

After the event concluded, we had the chance to speak with the the former Mayor and Committeewoman of Long Hill Township this evening.

We touched on a variety of topics including the genesis of Courage to Connect New Jersey, the process of some other towns looking to consolidate such as Fanwood and Scotch Plains, and similar efforts in Bergen County where there are (amazingly!) 70 separate municipalities. The big takeaway from our conversation with Ms. Genovese is encapsulated in this sentence:

I don’t know if 566 municipalities are sustainable in the 21st century…

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