Courage to Connect NJ Guidebook

The Courage to Connect NJ Guidebook is the first publication in New Jersey’s history to provide a comprehensive overview of the municipal consolidation process.

Designed for citizens and local officials, the guidebook translates a complicated piece of state legislation into six easy “steps.”  Read it and you’ll understand the basics of consolidation in the Garden State.


If you want to do more, Courage to Connect NJ can help you start a local “citizens group” to advocate for municipal reform in your own town.  Contact us and we will provide you with two additional documents, which are only available to CtoCNJ members:

  • The Guidebook Templates, which gives you the nuts and bolts of organizing a consolidation campaign.  It has everything you need, including sample press releases, talking points, draft op-eds, and much more.
  • Media Training Guide, which offers strategies and suggestions for creating a clear and consistent message about your consolidation efforts.

All materials produced by CtoCNJ are available in hard copy and electronic formats.

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