Gina Genovese featured in Star-Ledger Q&A

A 1934 New York Times article, bemoaning New Jersey’s inability to merge inefficient and redundant towns, says “it is up to organizations of citizens to carry forward the movement without the aid of the State.”

So, how’s that been working? Not very well, actually. Seventy-seven years later, New Jersey has 566 municipalities and 605 school districts, and has become a model for costly and inefficient municipal government. In other words, little has changed. But Gina Genovese insists the state finally is on the verge of a consolidation movement, and her organization, Courage to Connect New Jersey, is a driving force behind potential municipal mergers. Genovese, who spoke with Star-Ledger Editorial Board member Kevin Manahan, will be watching closely as Princeton Borough and Princeton Township vote on a historic consolidation on Nov. 8. 

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