How much money will I save?


The cost of running a municipality will be spread out across a larger tax base and services will be delivered more efficiently through economies of scale. Larger municipalities have better leverage in contract negotiations and purchasing. They will have the ability to eliminate many contracted services and bring them in house for reduced cost. The sale of unneeded properties will result in lower operating costs, shifting properties to the tax base and generating funds for debt reduction or capital expenditures.

The consolidation of Princeton Township and Princeton Borough will save the residents over $3Million per year. In addition, services that had been cut to meet previous budgets will be reinstated.

A Star-Ledger report a few years ago found that Woodbridge had a population and geographic area roughly the same as Cranford, Garwood, Mountainside, Springfield, Summit and Westfield combined. Yet Woodbridge provided police, fire and all the other services of municipal government for roughly $20 million less than the total spent by the six Union County municipalities.  Woodbridge also has the ability to pick up their own garbage and generate revenue by collecting garbage for other municipalities.  You do the math.

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