NJ Towns must merge

Letter to the editor originally ran April 8, 2010 in The Star-Ledger

Dear Editor,

In regards to your April 6 editorial “Towns Must Explore Merging,” the only real, long-term tax stabilization occurs when five to 10 towns combine under one administration – one police chief, one administrator, etc. For too long, we have left restructuring in the hands of elected officials. It is time for the taxpayers who foot the bill to demand change. Existing legislation already supports this action. New Jerseyans need to be informed about their power to connect our communities. My non-partisan group, Courage To Connect NJ, is building a grassroots movement that will help the people make a new, affordable structure a reality in New Jersey. There is no other option.

Gina Genovese Executive Director, Courage to Connect NJ, Long Hill Township

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