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"The pressure for consolidation begins when residents begin to recognize a problem with the current municipal structure, either because of rising taxes, lowering quality of services, or growing environmental problems."

Home Rule

Proponent of Consolidation Says Jersey Towns Would Benefit from Washington

Joe Cutter of NJ101.5 Reporting

A proponent of consolidating some of Jersey’s 566 Municipalities says the strong support for consolidation in a recent poll should be carried forward, with ordinary people involved in the consolidation dialogue.

Gina Genovese heads “courage to connect”. She says as a former mayor of a small Morris County town, she is familiar with struggling to provide citizen services, and banding together with other small entities would increase local clout. Genovese says once a Jersey town reaches the 50-thousand population mark, they are on the map as far as Washington is concerned. She says, “we need to get up to 50-thousand, so that we can get some Federal dollars back into the State to help New Jersey.”

Genovese says the people need to be educated about such things as home rule and the duplication of services from town to town.

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