Town merger advocate brings her message to Northern Valley

NORTHVALE — A supporter for the consolidation of municipalities brought her message to Northvale residents on Oct. 12.

Gina Genovese and Wendy McCahill, founders of Courage to Connect NJ a non-profit promoting consolidation of municipalities, were invited to speak to area residents by Northvale Councilman Andrew Gullestad after he heard a presentation from the group earlier in the year.

The purpose of the presentation was to inform residents of the benefits of consolidating towns in order to bring property taxes under control.

“We’re all here to figure out how to make things better,” Gullestad said, welcoming those who attended the presentation.

Consolidating towns would consist of bringing several smaller towns into one, with one mayor and council, and one set of administration and services, watching over the town to avoid duplicating responsibilities and costs.

“We’re all in this together,” said Genovese, a former mayor of Long Hill in Morris County.

Genovese said she was in Northvale because she’s seen budgets struggling throughout the state, with taxpayers having to pick up the tab.

“And we’re struggling too,” she said, with many leaving the state in response.

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