What are your qualifications to make these recommendations?


Gina has made herself one of the foremost experts in the municipal consolidation movement that began 40 years ago. She has read every consolidation report created since the first consolidation commission of 1972. In addition she has met with various ex-governors and think-tank leaders about this issue. She has come to the conclusion that the same failed model has been used each time a consolidation question was on the ballot. Gina brings a unique solution to the problem of high municipal costs from having identified an existing, functional and affordable model in the state. That model exists in the Township of Woodbridge, which has ten distinctly identifiable communities, each with their own names and flavor. As mayor, Gina was also highly involved in the first successful communication merger in the state. Although the combined communication center was highly successful, the cost savings would have been greater if the merger was for a greater number of towns.

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