What is an unincorporated community?


An unincorporated community is an area that does not have its own municipal government.  Such areas are within the political and administrative jurisdiction of a city, borough, township, town or village.  There are currently 184 unincorporated communities in New Jersey.  Examples:   Basking Ridge is within the incorporated Township of Bernards, Short Hills is within the incorporated Township of Millburn.   (Interesting facts:  Bernards Township does not have its own zip code.  Short Hills’ population is greater than Millburn’s.)

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  • Lateisha Murray
    commented 2020-10-13 15:12:26 -0400
    In Cross South Carolina there’s a black lady that lives there she had all her land taken illegally from her by brother-in-law and Utah Ville community Senter funeral home they engaged in corruption and Gain access to all her property now she’s living on one acre from a hundred something Acres there is no lawyer there to help her trying to speak some Jessica’s to get this lady help for them not to take the only acre that she was on recently there was two trailers that moved on her land that she’s been on since 1962 they said they bought the land took both of her driveways the locked mailbox up in Cross South Carolina so many things happening to her or not and I don’t understand there’s no justice in that town where is the Justice that’s what I want to know where’s the justice for person